Seven Days, Seven Photos

So, this week, I set myself a challenge: to take a photo every day. On my bucket list is to take a photo every day for a month, but hey, lets start small, shall we?

Saturday: lazy day, in bed till late.

Sunday: wrap up warm, it’s cold outside. Yes, that’s six layers.

Monday: it’s Rangers night. First Guiding night of the week.

Tuesday: time to start wrapping presents!

Wednesday: it’s Guiding night number two, and I’ve agreed to be a Groom for our Rainbow ‘wedding’.

Thursday: christmas concert, I love this time of year.

Friday: it’s the last day. And Friday night is babysitting night. Here’s the christmas card that the girl who I babysit for gave me, bless her.


So, that’s it. That’s my week.

Actually, this was good fun! I might try it again sometime. Christmas, anyone?

Living. Laughing. Loving.



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