Necker Nomination

I’m sure that many of you have heard of Neck Nomination, the latest Facebook craze in which a person downs a pint of beer (usually mixed with various other food items) and then nominates someone else to do the same. I don’t know where, but somewhere along the line, a Guide or Scout decided that it was not a sensible craze. People have died, and many have ended up in hospital, and so someone and flipped it around, turning it into a fun alternative that can be enjoyed by members of Girlguiding and The Scout Association. It’s called ‘necker nomination’. It’s simple really, you post a picture of yourself in a necker, and nominate someone else. It’s a laugh, it’s good fun, and when I saw these pictures popping up on my news feed, I was very excited. And I was even more excited when I was nominated!

What a fantastic way to advertise the amazing things that Guides and Scouts can do. What a fantastic way to share with our brothers and sisters around the world. If you get nominated, join in, smile, and pass it on. Treasure the memory.

Living. Laughing. Loving.


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