191 days just became 81 days.

Back in December I wrote a post entitled 10K in 191 Days that detailed the running endeavour on which I was about to embark. Well, of course, my friend being my friend, plans changed, she decided she couldn’t make it, and there was no such mention of 10K again. Phew. However, just when I thought I was safe, we began talking about getting fit for DofE, and suddenly, on Monday, the mention of a run came about once more. This time, we’ve decided to stick to something much more local, a Race for Life event. But it also means that it’s time to rename this challenge – 10K in 81 days. Oh, and I still haven’t run anywhere since 2011 (aside from a trip to the gym with my brother on Friday in which I managed 6K in 42 minutes, which is pretty abysmal when I’m being told 10K in an hour should be my aim). This is going to be great fun. And my plan for how to get fit in just under three months? Here it is!

Tuesday am -> run to nearest village and back, increasing pace each week, 2.5K
Thursday am -> 30min-1hr swimming
Friday am -> run to nearest village and back, increasing pace each week, 2.5K
Saturday – running at the gym, slowly increasing time and distance each week
Occasionally on Saturday -> bike rides building up to a goal of 29miles (might not be achieved before the run!)
Sunday -> DofE group training walks, increasing the distance each week

Wish me luck. I’m sure going to need it!

Living. Laughing. Loving.



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