I’m treading water, but my head is only just above the surface.

I’m here. I’m holding on. I’ll make it though. But it’s probably time to admit something. Something that I’ve tried to avoid, put to the back of my mind, ignore, and hope it all gets better. I’m struggling. School is really really hard. And I’m very stressed out.

I’ve accepted my offer for University. Has it helped? No. Has it made it worse? Probably. I’ve GOT to get AAB now, and with my recent report showing current achievement grades of ABC, my hopes are sinking lower and lower every day, and I’m getting stuck into a bit of a rut.

Oh, and my chemistry coursework file corrupted. I had to start again. I even backed it up, but that version went too. I’m angry and I’m gutted, and it’s just zapping so much of my time. One and a half weeks until the deadline, and I’m going well, truly, and completely insane. Please let it be over soon.

But on a high note, MY BEST FRIEND GOT AN OFFER FOR MED SCHOOL. I’m so proud of her, and so happy for her! She’s such a clever little mite, and one day, she is going to make an amazing doctor. I’m just so happy that it worked out for her. Seriously. It made my week. (And the creme egg she presented to me today definitely helped too, bless her heart!)

Living. Laughing. Loving.



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