The Gallery: Adventure

This week, the gallery theme at stickyfingers is adventure. I began to think about what I could post to fit this theme, and I decided that a good place to start would be Guiding.

I’ve had so many adventures in Guiding, it would be impossible to count them all, but here is a little taste of my experiences. I’ve made friends, memories, there have been a few tears, but in all, (and no particular order) these photos always make me smile, and the memories that they spark will surely last a lifetime.

First up, here I am in my smart uniform for remembrance service last year. I’ve been going to these services since I was five, and although they’re not an adventure, I did once attend a special county remembrance service as a guide. It was cold, and it was about three hours long, but it was an adventure!


This one, at first glance, probably appears a little odd. This was taken back in December 2012, at a Rainbow event which I volunteered at for the weekend. I was a magic pixie, and although this weekend was supposed to be an adventure for the girls, I had nearly as much fun singing my way through the two days.


For me, this is what a Guiding adventure should be about. A field, friends, a campfire, and the sound of just-a-tiny-little-bit-off-tune singing. Beautiful.


My camp blanket is my personal display, and my way to show off everything that I’ve done and achieved in guiding, as well as everywhere I’ve been. Each badge has a memory, and there have been quite a few adventures associated with those badges, too!


My international experience was one of my most memorable adventures.



My Ranger uniform. Although this isn’t official uniform, it’s individual, it’s us, it’s our group, and it has it’s own memories. The adventures of Monday nights that I’ve been experiencing for the past three years. And I love it.


Guides and Scouts sharing an adventure together at a Jamboree.


I was staff on this camp, and yet I was still able to try something new.


It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how many times you’ve been away with Guiding, there is still something special about preparing for camp. Each time is individual, each time is different, each time you learn. And you know that you’ll come home with new friends, new skills, and you’ll be able to shout about how much of an adventure you’ve had. It doesn’t matter if you’re five, or sixty five. I think that nearly every member of girlguiding would agree with me.


And finally, the most important adventure of all. That badge in the bottom right corner is my Chief Guide Challenge Badge, which I received on Monday at Rangers. The Chief Guide Challenge is the second highest award that you can get in girlguiding, and achieving it has certainly been an adventure!


I’m not writing this for profit, I’m writing this because Girlguiding is a charity which I love, and support with all my heart. If you know a girl or young woman aged 5+ who would like to embark on their Guiding adventure, or are interested in volunteering with Guiding, please join us.

Living. Laughing. Loving.



5 thoughts on “The Gallery: Adventure

  1. What a great achievement to get the Chief Guide Challenge Badge, well done! My daughter will be starting Rainbows in two months and I hope she creates as many memories as you obviously have. #thegallery

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