Hugs Are The Universal Medicine

So, my best friend is away for two weeks.
And it’s the holidays.
And I’m revising.
My human contact is virtually non existent.
And it’s slowly driving me insane.

I’m not struggling, and actually, I know that she’s eating so I’m not as worried as I could have been, but those times when I just got UED in my three most recent past papers, I could really do with some stress relief. Someone to tell me that it’s all going to be okay, somehow.

Apparently, hugging someone who you trust can reduce stress and anxiety, lower your blood pressure, and can improve your memory. That’s because oxytocin is released, and oxytocin is known as the ‘trust hormone’. It can help to relieve social fears by making you feel safe, and it can even relieve pain through it’s anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to improve digestion and metabolism, which can prevent obesity. Really, I’d like to rename oxytocin as the ‘wonder hormone’.

And although I hope that my friend is having a fantastic holiday, and actually, I love it when my afternoon revision is punctuated by her early morning snapchats, and I wake up to a snapchat apocalypse and see her photos from the day on facebook, I do look forward to when she comes home and I catch a quick hug. I know why she finds hugs difficult, and she has perfectly good reasons to hate human contact, but it makes me feel so safe. When I’m finding school hard, a hug and a little laughter can really change my outlook on the day.

Hugs really are the universal medicine, and so I send you all a virtual hug in the hope that you’ll improve the day of someone you love, simply by passing along the happiness.

Living. Laughing. Loving.



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