Why the Dentist Loves the Exam Season!

Revision does make me go a little crazy, I guess. Why is it that being confined to the house for a couple of weeks, suddenly EVERYTHING is hilarious? A lot of people are back to school today, but while I’m going in for a three hour revision session, I’ve still got another week off, and the lack of human contact is making me go a little crazy. I just wanted to share a few moments of madness, in the hope that it might brighten the day of those out there also revising. Be warned, if you’re just the average person, you probably won’t see the funny side of this. At all. You just have to be in the mind frame.

Firstly, I get a message from my friend telling me that she’s sent me a letter. It’s not a friend who I get to see very often, so I’m excited. The letter arrived and completely motivated me until my lunch break when I decided that I could open it.


ASAP science

Really of course, I’m sure you only came here because of the title of this blog. So, why does the dentist love the exam season? This, of course!

It takes me twice as long to brush my teeth, because I have to read half the cards before I can stop!

Living. Laughing. Loving.


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