Striking Teachers: Love Them Or Hate Them?

What do you think? The last couple of sentences really hit a nerve with me, because yes, I know at least two teachers at my school who really would be panicing about their students progress. I have two teachers who are the most amazing people I ever met, and they teach because they really do care. I think it’s time to give teachers what they deserve.


Whenever a teachers’ strike is announced, the government always cries out that it will damage teachers’ reputations. What a joke. I say this not because as a student it means a day off-though that would have played a part when I was a child-but because it is a pathetic attempt by the government to persuade teachers not to strike. They don’t offer them a payrise, they don’t accept any of their requests but what they always do is say that there is no need to strike as it will only bring teaching into disrepute.

How foolish. Haven’t they realised that teachers may not be valued by them or the economy but the normal person on the street is in support of them. Why? Simply because people can empathise with the struggle teachers face in terms of their working hours and pay. They can see the daily struggle teachers go through…

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