The Clock Keeps Ticking: Four Weeks Until the Big 10K

I thought that it was about time that I took a break from the A Level panicking posts, and told you about my fundraising. For me, the big deal is that it’s only one week until my 10 inch hair cut. For you however, I’m sure you’re much more interested in hearing the update on the girl who doesn’t run but is about to run 10K.

It’s been a really good week. Of course, it’s only day four, but aside from crippling myself by doing too many sit ups, I’m happy. I only ran 2K on Tuesday because I was feeling ill, but swimming this morning has made me realise how much my fitness has improved. Aside from a minor ‘oh dear my chest hurts and I didn’t bring my inhaler I should just have literally thirty seconds or else this could get worse and end badly’, I swam for a whole thirty minutes straight. I’m really happy. The sit ups have made me feel good, too. Although 10K still seems very far fetched at the minute, I really hope that I’ll get some support from the friend who made me sign up to this run. I think maybe if we get the chance to run together, I might be surprised by what I can actually do. Someone to spur me on and tell me that I’m doing well might just be the thing that gets me over that finish line in four weeks time.

I’ve raised £451 so far. Only £49 from my goal! I’m so happy, and I’m sure that the two amazing charities that ill be supporting with my two events will be very very grateful. To all other fellow race for life runners, I wish you all good luck… And happy fundraising!

Living. Laughing. Loving.



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