Riding the wave of happiness.

This weekend was one of celebration, fun, smiles, and laughter. This weekend was my best friends eighteenth. And I’m glad to say that we had an awesome weekend, even if we did get just a little bit drunk. It was funny because both of us remembered how to have fun together, and we loved it! It has been fantastic to take a break from eating disorders, worry, and tears. To smile, to breathe, to drink, and to dance.

An eating disorder controls a person, but it’s important that each person can take time out for themselves to have fun with their friends. I’m very proud that she did it. She may be feeling guilty now, but I’m glad that she lived for the moment. I’m so happy that she didn’t let it ruin her birthday, and I truly do believe her when she says that she had an awesome time.

I feel a little bit like I’m riding on a wave of happiness. I’m sure that at some point, the wave will break, and I’ll face plant the icy cold water, but for now at least, I’m enjoying the heat of the sun and the thrill of the ride.

Living. Laughing. Loving.


One thought on “Riding the wave of happiness.

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