I don’t feel emotions, I see them

There is something odd about me. I don’t feel emotions. To me, emotions are colours and shapes, patterns in my head.

I can draw them. They never quite look the same, but I give it a good shot. That helps me to put words to how I feel, but even then I often struggle with coherent sentences. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always chosen to suffer in silence when I’m worried or stressed. That way, at least I never had to try and explain my feelings. It’s a little bit like trying to explain what the colour red looks like to a blind person – you just can’t!

I can draw music, too. That’s fun! I don’t know why it’s like this, but it just flows onto the paper. It feels right.

People have colours, emotions have shapes and colours. To me, it’s normal. To you, maybe it seems crazy. It means that my head is never a lonely place, but at the same time, watching it all spin around like a tornado can often be very disorientating.

Maybe there are more of us out there? I’d like to think so.

Living. Laughing. Loving.



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