Gone With The Windfall

So, I’ve just been told that I’ve inherited £1,000,000. What am I going to do with it? Of course, that hasn’t ACTUALLY happened (I wish!), but I’m going to tell you exactly what I’d do with it anyway. Of course, not all of these are entirely realistic, but since it’s an unrealistic situation anyway, I may as well reveal all my dreams.

First of all, I’d give some to charity.
£1000 to my Rainbow Unit because they’re a fantastic unit that I’ve been helping at for four years, and I was a Rainbow there too.
£1000 to my Guide Unit that I’ve been attending, and now leading at since I was ten.
£1000 to my Guiding County in the hope that they’d use it to help those in need, and bring the same amazing opportunities that I’ve had to others.
£1000 to ATE Superweeks, so they can make more children learn and grow in confidence, just like I did as a kid.

Then, I’d go and spend a month on a remote island to contemplate and think. I’d figure out my plans, and my life. Perhaps I’d take someone with me to get me through the tough times and keep me sane, or maybe I’d go it alone. I’m not sure. Can you put a price on that? £5000?

I’d buy myself a house to ensure that I had a stable future. £300,000.

I’d give my parents some money towards building themselves a house. £200,000.

I’d pay for a top two week family skiing holiday over christmas, and for my parents to spend some time in the sun. About £20,000?

I’d take my best friend travelling. We would cross a tonne off our bucket lists, and visit India, Australia, the amazon, and see the northern lights. We’d stay up late and laugh the night away. We’d trek through the rainforest and go deep sea diving. We’d sit on a beach and watch the sunset, and camp on a mountain to watch the sunrise. We’d be happy, we’d have fun. Another £10,000?

I’d somehow subscribe to a lifetime supply of creme eggs. One creme egg a week for the next seventy years. That’s about £11,000.

Of course, I’d save some money to pay for travel to go and see my best friend once every couple of months during her six year uni course. £11,000 again.

I’d build a secret room deep underground, that only I knew about. When things got hard, I could escape there and be completely alone. I could be myself. I could cry, I could laugh, and I could contemplate, and nobody would need to know.
I’m not sure you can price that. £15,000?

I’d build a glass house in the hills in Switzerland so that one by one, I could take the people most special to me to share a night under the stars. I’m not naming who I’d take first, but no prizes for guessing. £14,000. And of course £10,000 for flights and maintenance. Wouldn’t want to be disorganised, would we?

The remaining £400,000, I’m not sure what I’d do with it. For now, I’ll save it and invest it. Maybe one day I’ll come back to this post and figure out all my other weird and wonderful dreamworld ideas.

It’s been a while, but once again, this was a response to a daily prompt.

Living. Laughing. Loving.



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