Dance The Night Away

We’ve been dancing since they asked us to dance. We’re the only ones, the audience aren’t dancing. A little girl in a white dress appears, and I smile and wave. Next thing you know, she’s dancing too. FINALLY standing there and making a fool of myself is worth it, because she’s super cute. No adults have gotten up to dance, but she’s still there, spinning around and jumping up and down, and it makes me happy because she’s enjoying herself.

All night, nobody else came to dance, but we stayed and danced with her as she chattered away in Italian, me smiling and showing what I thought were appropriate facial expressions at the right points. At the end of the night, with the help of her dad, she shouted ‘bye bye’ – SO CUTE.

I was happy too, because I needed to smile. My best friend didn’t make it to music tour because of her awful blisters from DofE. I’m missing her, and I feel awful because I wish I was at home with her. But that little girl made me smile so much, and I wish I could have told her how much that meant.

Living. Laughing. Loving.


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