On Bees and Effs

I have a best friend. And I had a best friend, too. ‘Believing in a best friend’, though? I’m not sure that’s possible.

At Primary School, I had a best friend. I had other friends too though, and I got on with other kids, but my best friend was the one I would always choose to take on a day out or tell my secrets to.

Now, it’s different. You don’t choose your friendships, you fall into them. I fell into the friendship with the girl that I now call my ‘best friend’, but I didn’t believe it would happen. That’s just how it did happen. Again, I’ve still got other friends, and I didn’t even choose this friendship really, but I’d never change it, not for the world.

This is a response to the daily prompt.

Living. Laughing. Loving.



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