A letter to… My Childhood Self

Dear Alex,

Growing up is scary. There’s going to be birthdays in your childhood where you’re inconsolable because you’re worried that you’ll get old and die. It’s not dying that you have to worry about though. It’s going to be a long long time before you’re old and frail and die. Being an adult is a scary world, and you will come to realise how sheltered your life is as a child.

I’d like to say well done for being such a dedicated and truthful young person. It has got you a long way in life. Sticking through Brownies even though you hate it will allow you to develop, and one day, you’ll be a leader, and you’ll love it. You’re going to go camping, you’re even going to go on an international trip, and Guiding will provide you with so many memories.

I want to tell you to have courage, especially with your flute playing. When you go to high school, you will loath and be scared of your teacher. Try and continue to enjoy it however, because one day, when you’re older, you’re going to get a teacher who is fantastic, and you’ll learn to love playing again.

Keep working hard, it’s the best way. Don’t forget to play, and have fun, but working hard at school will lead to a good outcome for you, and you will always reap the rewards, as you do now. Do not, however, work for anyone benefit other than your own. You’re going to find that hard, but with the experience that I have now, I know that holding the opinions of my parents so highly has only led me to a path of slow self destruction over the exam period.

Try to speak out a little more. Now, friendships are easy, but when you’re older, you’ll wish that you spoke more as a child, because as an adult, friendships are much harder to make. It may be easier to hide, but you will soon know that just because it’s easy, it doesn’t mean it’s helpful or right.

You’ve done well, so far, little Alex. You will continue to do well, and there really isn’t much that I’d change about you. Your confidence will come in time, and you must remember to never loose that desire to improve. That is what will shape you into the person that you are in the future. Making mistakes is okay, as long as we grow afterwards.

But don’t worry too much, dear child. As you grow older, there will come a day when you meet the people that help you to be confident, to grow, and to believe in yourself. You’ll take on challenges, you’ll jump hurdles three metres above your head, and you’ll come out of the other side a happier and better person. Use your time now to laugh, to make friends, and to have as much fun as you can. Your years as a child will be the best years of your life. Keeping smiling that beautiful smile.

Remember that it’s always okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end yet.

Much love,

Your older self

*This is part of a personal summer challenge that I have set myself to write ‘a letter’ to a different person or thing every week. I plan for there to be nine letters in total, and if anyone would like to join in this summer, even if just for one letter, or a letter to a person of their own, please link back to my blog, as I’d love to see it!*


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