The Results Are In

There’s one for animal science.
One for history.
One of them is ready for human biology.
She’s off to do art.
Another for business.
Not forgetting, two for medicine.
And me? I’m pharmacology.

Results day is over, and I’m lucky to say that my friends, those who I value the most, are in! I’m so so proud of them all! Perhaps they haven’t all got the grades that they wanted, but grades are just little letters. We’ve all made it onto the next stages of our lives, and that’s what is important.

As we move off to opposite ends of the country, I hope that we can be happy. I hope that we can remember all the little things that make us human, and not hang onto those letters that we saw on the paper this morning.

University will open so many opportunities, but we need to know that just because we open a new door, it doesn’t mean that the other one has to close.

Living. Laughing. Loving.


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