A letter to… My Flute Teacher

To my amazing flute teacher,

Wow. What can I say? For the past four years, you’ve been teaching me flute, and I have come on leaps and bounds. Just fourty minutes a week has completely transformed me as both a flautist and a person. I’m sure you remember just as well as I do the girl that first walked into your room four years ago, desperately clutching her grade five book, silent as a mouse, and shaky. The questions you asked me, and I couldn’t even answer. It wasn’t that I didn’t know the answer as much that I had been so afraid of my previous teacher that I just couldn’t answer.

Somehow though, you drew the confidence from within me, and four years on, four solos in four flute concerts, and two grades later, I’m a changed person. Okay, I’ll admit even the latest concert was daunting, and I don’t even know how I managed to make it through the second piece of my grade seven because I was shaking uncontrollably, but four years ago, I wouldn’t have even dreamed of trying.

Someone asked me a few weeks ago to list off the things that I have achieved outside of school lessons and exams this year. Of course, being me, I wouldn’t just say what I’ve done, but when the person in question asked about music grades, I couldn’t help but break into a grin. I’m so proud of my grade seven merit, and I certainly wouldn’t have done it without you.

In many senses, you were the first adult I ever learnt to trust. You’ve always had an amazing ability to figure me out, and to do exactly the right thing in each situation. That’s meant that I feel like I really clicked with you, I look up to you, and that I can trust you. I feel like you understand me, and so this year, I have told you things that I haven’t told anyone else. You know me a lot better than many people, and I know that you know what to say and do in each situation.

You’ve been much more than a flute teacher to me this year, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Thank you, so much. I’m sure going to miss you.


*This is part of a personal summer challenge that I have set myself to write ‘a letter’ to a different person or thing every week. I plan for there to be nine letters in total, and if anyone would like to join in this summer, even if just for one letter, or a letter to a person of their own, please link back to my blog, as I’d love to see it!*


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