Hopes and Dreams

Although I’ve learnt over the years that living in a land of dreams is often dangerous, dreaming and hoping is in our nature as humans, and no matter how hard we try and fight it, we will still dream.

I dream of my graduation from university. I dream of my job in cancer research. I dream of helping to find a cure that saves the lives of millions.

I hope that I will have children, specifically two girls. If I were to have them now, I’d call them,
Charlotte Matilda (Lottie)
Isabella Rose (Bella)
And if I had a boy,
Oscar James

I dream that I will have a beautiful wedding, and I know who would be my maid of honour if I were to marry today. I hope that I will attend my best friend’s wedding, and see her kids grow up.

I pray that I will tick every item off my bucket list, and that I will laugh a million times before I die.

I hope to run my own Rainbow unit, changing the lives of girls. I want to train as a monitor for ATE.

Finally, I pray that I, my family, and friends will be happy and well. I hope that we can be healthy and live long lives together.

I hope to share ten million memories.
I dream of taking as many photos.
But even then, I don’t wish for much. I just hope that whatever happens, everything will work out okay, and that I do not leave this earth until it is okay. Only then, can it be the end.

Living. Laughing. Loving.



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