I’ll never give up.

Sometimes, we find ourselves wandering down the easy road. Sadly, the easy road isn’t always the right path to take. It’s not always out fault, however, that we ended up on that road. It’s all too often that people reach a crossroad, and they’re so exhausted that they find themselves with little choice. To the left is a mountain, to the right are stairs reaching higher than you ever knew possible. Although the left and right are often considered, the exhaustion takes over, sleep drowns you, and so you find that you must continue on forwards, down the path which is flat.

What you cannot see, however, when you are at that crossroads, is what lies at the top of the mountain or the steps. You cannot see what’s at the end of the straight path, either.

Right now, I’m struggling. I’ve reached the crossroads, but I find that there are obstacles in my way. On the mountain, there are hurdles, and after a hundred meters, the steps become a rickety rope bridge. These obstacles were put there by people who say that ‘this is not your problem’ and ‘let’s wait until Christmas’. Even my best friend said that she doesn’t want to ‘drag you down’. I’m no athlete, it’ll probably take a hundred years to climb over all those hurdles. I’ve got a fear of heights, and the rope bridge looks like it could collapse at any moment.

Of course, I still don’t know what lies at end of the paths, but I can make good guess. Past experience shows me that the straight path results in something that is usually grim. In this case, I fear that my best friend will deteriorate and eventually that will result in death. I don’t know yet what is at the top of the mountain or the steps, but surely it can’t be worse than that? I wouldn’t want to miss the beautiful lake or the sun kissed meadow.

I’m not sure just yet if I will take the left or the right path. I’m out of ideas and am yet to find a solution. You won’t stop me though, because I don’t care what you say and think, you don’t understand friendship. I will never ever keep walking along that straight road. You can try any way you like to make me give up, but you won’t succeed. My friend deserves more than that, and I will fight by her side until the very end. I’ll climb that mountain a thousand times and I’ll keep walking along that rope bridge even after we reach the depths of space which are still to be discovered.

I will never give up.

If you doubt me, or fight me, I’ll just say it again.

I’ll never give up

You deserve me to fight with everything I have.

I’ll never, ever, give up. That’s a promise.

Living. Laughing. Loving.



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