The Power of the Written Word

Yesterday, I received a lot of post. I’d ordered a laptop case, and another of my Uni textbooks arrived. My dad had crossed out his name on a parcel and written ‘Miss Alex’ in permanent marker, before putting it on my bed. In that was a couple of memory sticks and a hard drive that he’s bought me. My five donation blood donor card arrived, which was very exciting! Finally though, there was a letter. I recognised the handwriting immediately.

My best friend, who has now been at University for a week, had written to me. I expected a bit of twee ‘this is awesome and I miss you’ but for some reason, what she actually wrote hit me much harder than that. I don’t wish to share the details, I feel like then it might not be as special, but it made me smile, and then it made me cry. Half way through freshers, when I write her a reply, I’m going to struggle to top that!

I always forget the power of a letter, and the importance that can be found within it. When someone takes the time to write to you, it simply makes you feel valued. And that’s a lovely feeling.

Living. Laughing. Loving.



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