Twenty Five Little Things That Make Me Smile

Today, I ask all my readers to join me in a venture. Many of you will know by now, that I’m a worrier, and a pessimist. But my life is not and cannot be controlled by negative emotions. I’m going to tell you twenty five little things that make me smile, and in return for the truths, I want you to do the same, and to link back to this post. Let’s share some smiles, and let’s share some positivity!

1. Good morning texts.
2. A really right hug when you’re feeling your worst.
3. An unexpected piece of post from a friend or family member.
4. My Rainbows laughing and singing.
5. Popping bubble wrap.
6. When someone says that they’ve missed you.
7. When someone says they’re proud of you, and you know they actually mean it.
8. The smell of cleaning products, bleach, and petrol.
9. A chai with a friend on a rainy day.
10. The one person who says something, and you realise they know you better than yourself.
11. Sitting around the campfire.
12. Suddenly remembering a special moment.
13. A clean and tidy kitchen worktop.
14. Cracking a really difficult scale on my flute.
15. Just playing my flute.
16. Clean bedding.
17. Making someone else smile.
18. Warm dry feet when camping.
19. Looking back at old photos – although this one can make me cry, too!
20. Laughing until you cry.
21. Realising that someone really does care.
22. Getting a good grade in an exam I worked really hard for.
23. That friend who you know that you can always count on.
24. Writing lists and crossing things off.
25. A phone call that you weren’t expecting, just to say hi and to check that you’re happy. That’s when you know that they’ve been thinking about you.

Living. Laughing. Loving.



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