Three Years

Three years ago today, the person who is now my best friend, another friend of mine, and I jumped onto a 5.30am train. We sat down, and she had us drawing graphs for our GCSE science coursework. Yes, at six am. I know, I know, she’s crazy. Heck, I still believe that now! Before that train journey, and that week in France however, I’d never have called us ‘friends’. Up to that point, we’d simply been put in a seating plan next to one another in Science. Of course, friendship doesn’t just click, or happen in a day, week, or month, but that week changed a lot of things, and so we like to call that day the start of our friendship.

That makes today, as so aptly put by my best friend this morning, our ‘friendship anniversary’.

Three years, to many, seems like a very short period of time. For me, it’s a sixth of my life. Even that doesn’t seem like much though when you think that many of my peers have known their best friends for half or even five sixths of their lives; since the beginning of primary or high school. But it doesn’t matter how short three years may seem, does it? Because three years was long enough. Three years was all it took for us to become as close as we are, and to have such a crazy friendship.

It’s been a beautiful three years, it’s been a happy three years, and it’s been a three years full of heartache. I am more grateful for my best friend than anything else in the world, and I’d never survive without her here by my side. It’s hard to be 450 miles away, but she’s here emotionally, no matter what happens, and she’s only ever a phone call away.

In three years, we’ve told some of our darkest secrets, we’ve stood by each other, and we’ve cried on one another’s shoulders, but I don’t want to think about that today. Yes, all of that just shows how close we are, but that’s not the best bit of friendship. Friendship is about smiles, laughter, and planning fun for the future (like travelling the world, visiting each other’s unis, London visits for cookies, and camping trips!).

One if my flat mates has gone to meet her friends in a nearby town today. When all I’ve needed but known I can’t have this week is a hug from my best friend to get me through my emotional skydive, 450 miles is just feeling further and further. A meet up and a night out just isn’t possible when a plane journey is between you. But today, I will not dwell. Today celebrates three years of time I’ve had with this awesome girl, and so today I’m going to remember that week in France. I won’t dwell on the tears of the past few years, but instead I’ll remember the time she got her head stuck in the Eiffel Tower. I’ll remember the funny things my French Exchange partner came out with, not realising the double meanings of his words. I’ll remember standing around the piano and singing. I’ll remember the laser quest game, and the trip to the EU parliament, while carrying the mascot of the Olympics. I’ll remember that early morning train journey, and I’ll remember the week in France that sparked the friendship that I can now appreciate every single day.

My best friend is amazing, and I love her, all the way to the moon and back.

Living. Laughing. Loving.



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