I’d do it for you

If I needed you, would you be here? If I called your name, would you run? If I was screaming in pain, a monster attacking me, would you save me? If I told you that I was dying, would you come and hug me? Would you wipe away my tears? Would you cry with me? Would we get through it, together?

Because I’d do it for you. I’d swim oceans, I’d climb a thousand mountains, I’d sprint a hundred races, and I’d spend every single penny that I had left if you needed me. I care about you, so much. Nothing would get in my way, because if my best friend really needed me, me is what she would get. You see, it’s hard to say exactly how much she means to me, so instead, I ask you to imagine this. Imagine that there was someone out there who you cared about so much. Imagine there is is someone who gets you up in the morning, and memories of their smile get you through the day. That person gives the tightest and safest hugs, and you can physically feel the tension roll away when you’re in their arms. Imagine there is someone out there who gets your right every single time. They’ve got you sorted, they know exactly what to say and when. They know when to be kind, they know when to get angry, and most of all, they know when to say nothing at all. This person makes you laugh while you’re crying, but can also make you cry from laughing. You know that they’ll stand by your side forever, and you’d do the same for them. In fact, imagine that you care about your best friend so much that you’d willingly die for them.

I would. Every. Single. Time. I’d do it. I’d be there. Always and forever.

So on Monday morning, I ask for one thing only from this person who I value so much. I ask that you’ll take a second, and just be with me. Four hundred and fifty miles is a long away, but just take a moment to hold my hand, to reach out into the distance, and to pretend that you’re here with me. I’ll be doing the same for you.

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