Wishful Thinking

I did something stupid this evening. It was so stupid, I cannot believe I did it. And my response when I realised I’d been stupid was even more shocking. I’m not quite sure what my brain is doing today.

There was someone walking in front of me, who looked quite lost. She had flowery doc martins, brown hair of about shoulder length that fell in loose curls at the bottom, and a dark coloured outdoors-y rucksack. I was just rushing to my last lecture of the day, and without even thinking, I ran up behind her, tapped her on the shoulder, and whispered the name of my best friend.

How could I have been so stupid? Of course it wasn’t my best friend. For starters, she’s not talking to me right now, for seconds, her brother is visiting her, for thirds, it’s midweek and she’s at uni, and fourth, she’s the other end of the country! After hastily apologising to the now very flustered looking girl, I raced off as fast as I could, to escape the moment.

I didn’t ask if she was lost. I didn’t ask if she needed help. I just burst into tears.


Better stop the wishful thinking. She’ll contact you soon, so chill.


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