‘That’s not even anorexic’

“I tried to go anorexic for three hours. I ate celery and ice, and that’s not even anorexic, but I quit. I was like ‘mum, can you make me a sandwich, immediately?’ She was like ‘are you okay?’ and I said, ‘yeah just feeling a little light headed.’ I was too hungry. I don’t care, I wanted pizza instead of starving myself.”

Megan Trainor, you are someone who doesn’t understand eating disorders. I’d probably go as far as to say that you don’t deserve the praise that you’re getting for your song. You’re all about ‘promoting positive body image’ but I’m not sure if that’s what you’re really doing. What about accepting everyone no matter what they look like? What about promoting self confidence and a caring personality?

You don’t choose an eating disorder. Nobody chooses a mental health issue. Yet again though, we can see someone that doesn’t understand. She thinks she gets it, but she doesn’t. Anorexia is about much more than just wanting to be thin. It’s not about choosing not to eat, or trying to fit. Eating disorders are a cycle of self-hatred and loathing, and there’s all sorts of reasons for it. Mental health isn’t a choice, and it can be just as life threatening as many physical disorders. Just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean that it’s not real, or that it’s not there.

Maybe someone needs to educate Megan instead of her trying to educate the rest of the world.


4 thoughts on “‘That’s not even anorexic’

  1. Hello, I agree with your statement. People do not choose to feel the way they do and a lot of the time do not have the option to change it. Everyone it entitled to their opinion, but to be educated about mental health issues is at great importance before you start dishing out the advice. Would love for you to have a read of my blog.

    • Yes, definitely. It’s an issue that’s affecting me a lot recently, and to hear that a pop star can be just as narrow minded, and in a way, is educating people to have this narrow minded view, is difficult. As someone watching many friends suffering from mental health issues, and seeing the challenges that both they and I face in getting them help, it’s heartbreaking to see someone dismiss anorexia as a choice. X

  2. I”m shocked and disgusted that she said that! Considering she is someone who is known and praised for her body acceptance and positivity, you’d think she would know better than to joke about eating disorders!!

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