How to choose your friends.

Really old friends? When they skype you for a gossip and to laugh for hours, tell you how to reference your essay, and have a moan about how uni is corrupting your other friends, they’re worth holding on to.

Best friends? They’re the ones who will hold you for hours when you’re crying and wipe your tears away, but also have an amazing ability to make you laugh at the same time. They’re the ones who pick you up, take you for a coffee, and give you the best memories.

Unusual friends? Perhaps my flute teacher isn’t my ‘friend’, but when she sends emails to remind me that breathing and sleep are good for us, Bach is calming, and it’s raining at home, it sure makes me smile.

And new friends? If when you walk slightly nervously out of the door to go to a pub golf social, the person who says to you ‘Have fun, okay? Just enjoy yourself, and if you need me to get the bus down and carry you home, just text and I’ll be there.’ is usually worth keeping.

Friendship is a bizarre invention, but I love my friends. They make me who I am, they make me feel safe, and they make me very very happy, no matter what category they fit into.


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