I’m often told that I need a positive mindset and to look up to the future. It’s something that I’ve always struggled with, but as I climbed into bed tonight, after a long day battling with uni work, I remembered all the people that have said it to me over the past few years. I remember when my flute teacher told me that I was clever, I remember when my biology teacher made me list off all my extra curricular achievements, and I remember each and every time that my best friend has told me that she believes in me.

Because it doesn’t matter how low I’m feeling right now, I’ve got to remind myself that I can succeed.

I earned my Baden Powell Award.

I was flag bearer at our city remembrance parade.

I got A*AA at A Level.

I got into my first choice uni.

I got my Chief Guide Challenge Award.

I was asked to take on a very special role at our local jamboree.

I got my Leadership Award.

And my STEM award.

I ran a kids science club for four years.

I’m a Rainbow leader.

And a Guide leader.

I completed my Gold DofE Qualifying Expedition.

And the biggest success, and personal milestone for me: I got a merit on my grade seven flute. That was the proudest day of my life. That was something that I was convinced that I couldn’t do, and that I hadn’t done. But look, I went and smashed it!

I can do this. I’ve achieved so much, especially over the past few years. I can hack uni, and I have to hack uni. I’ve just not worked out exactly how to do that yet, it’s just so different to anything else! But it will come, with time. Because practice makes perfect.


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