Advent of Achievement

This December, I don’t have an advent calendar. As a student, I can’t waste money on such things, and my parents aren’t the type to think to send me one. Instead, I’m going to create my own advent calendar. I’m going to achieve one thing every day, I’m going to smile, and I’m going to be proud of myself.

1. Today, I actually got my solo right at orchestra!
2. Don’t message my best friend. I’m trying to give her space to revise, and the first day is always the hardest!
3. Take the stats test without stressing and panicking
4. Actually go to the concert band rehearsal
5. Don’t cry in labs, and don’t hit your lab partner either 😉
6. Approach Christmas concert day with a SMILE! Don’t be sad that it’s not at school anymore 😦
7. Make christmas dinner for the whole floor without killing anyone
8. Make someone smile
9. Get through the Christmas meal and night out without panicking and calling your best friend
10. Practice your flute!
11. Do a ‘Brownie Good Turn’
12. FaceTime your best friend, and make her laugh
13. Get up early, and clean your room before heading home
14. Finish making my best friend and secret santa’s christmas presents
15. Offer to make dinner
16. Rant on and on at my best friend until she gets her evidence together for DofE (yes, we finished in June)
17. Make another blogger happy
18. Make sure you get up to date on the things you’ve got to get done for your job!
19. Go to the camp meeting, and actually throw some ideas forward
20. Spend time with the family this evening
21. No sugar today, please
22. Flute lesson?! If not, practice!
23. I know it’s nearly Christmas, but keep on revising! Don’t loose motivation, these exams are super important
24. Enjoy Christmas Eve with the family!

So there’s my chocolate free (sad face) advent calendar. Will I manage? I’ve no idea! Is it very inventive? Not really. Do I just need to go to bed really and stop having stupid ideas like this post? Do I need to think more about post content before I start writing? Probably.


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