Someone Else’s Island

Of course, if I knew that my best friend was going to be stuck on a desert island, I’d send her with things that would keep her alive until I could come and get her. That’s common sense, right? No, you’re wrong. I wouldn’t need to send her with a tent, a torch, food, water, and a knife. She’s a scout, and an ex cadet. I’d imagine that she’d be pretty good at fending for herself in the wild. Besides, fire is MUCH more fun than a torch, isn’t it? And a heck of a lot more useful, too!

So, I wouldn’t be that person, I wouldn’t send her with the ‘essentials for life’. I’d want her to survive until I could rescue her, of course, but she’s smart and she’s tough, and I’m pretty sure she’d manage just fine without those things.

First, I’d make sure that she had a Polaroid camera and a scrapbook. Going to a desert island is something that you’re only ever going to do once, so you may as well make the most of it, right? And besides, being the clever little bean that she is, she’d probably discover something new and exciting while she was there, and become famous when she returned home. That only works, of course, if you can document your discovery.

Next, a piano. Music keeps us sane in the darkest times, and it’s beautiful. Music would help her when times got tough, and would mean that she wouldn’t loose touch with the world back home, or forget the people that she’d left behind.

Thirdly, a locket containing special magic to keep her safe. I can’t say exactly what this locket would contain, yet, because that’s a secret that as a mere human, I cannot know. But everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes, we get into trouble. If for some reason, you started to drown, or a beast came after you, you’d have the locket. It would provide one escape, and one more chance. Everyone deserves a second chance, and everyone has someone out there that needs them, no matter how dark things may seem.

Not forgetting, suncream. I’m sorry mate, but you’re one of those people. No matter how hard you try, you’re going to get burnt without it!

Finally, but certainly not least, I’d like to go with her. For starters, you’d go pretty insane alone on an island, with nobody to speak to, or ask for advice. Whilst I’m sure it would be good for both of us to escape the real world and the pain that goes with it, and live on opposite coasts for a few days, I’d like to be able to treck through the jungle after a week or so, and say ‘hi, I’m here’. I’d want her to have someone to turn to, someone who she could trust, someone to love her, and someone to talk to. I wouldn’t want her to be left with her own mind, because I fear that it could hurt her. Most of all though, I’d want us to share the adventure, share the fun, share the memories, and make sure that we had some really cool stories to tell our grand kids!


This was a response to the daily post.

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