That Mistake Will Cost Me First Year

Crap. I’m sorry, but there’s no other word for it right now. I submitted my ethics assignment last week, a good five days early, and then I forgot about it. Or at least, that’s what I thought I’d done.

It turns out that in reality, I hadn’t done that. And that mistake could cost me first year. Although it’s not a graded piece, I do have to get a pass mark in order to pass the unit, and now I’m sat here with my head on my desk sobbing, because I can’t pass.

They’ve said it a thousand times: late work doesn’t get marked. You get zero. End of. No debates.

But I thought I’d submitted it, I really did, but somehow, I missed the second submit button, and had actually only uploaded it as a draft. Someone mentioned in a lecture this morning that it had been a little odd, and whilst I tried to rectify my mistake, I couldn’t because the online system was down.

I’ve just finally found it and clicked the second submit button, but it’s over three hours late. I’ve emailed to beg for forgiveness, but I know it will not be granted, because this isn’t school.

I’ve got to take the stats test this afternoon, but there’s no way that I can right now. I’m a mess. I put in far too much work to get to university, and now I’ve gone and fucked up the whole thing with one simple mistake. I’m so angry, and nothing that I can do will make it better. I can’t remember the last time that I was this upset and worked up, and there’s nobody here to fix it anymore. I’m all on my own.

At this rate, I’ll fail stats, too. But then, does it matter now? They’re the same unit, so if I’ve already messed it up, a little more won’t harm? I’ve been mid panic attack for at least ten minutes and I just can’t slow my breathing. I’m going to faint soon if I’m not careful.

Why is it always me? Why do I fail at everything, every single time?


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