Looking Back

Today, I found out some things about the start of my friendship with my best friend that I didn’t know before.

French Exchange, which was where we really got to know each other, was in October 2011. For at least a month after that, we panicked about my French Exchange partner and his secret that he didn’t want anyone to know, but everyone did know. Eventually, we resolved that issue, and it was in December of that year that I first asked for her advice with my own problems.

Back then, it appears that sometimes, she’d be the first one to say hi, and to randomly message (usually because she wanted the coursework that she’d lost, but that’s beside the point!) I’m not going to lie, I miss that. It happened today, but normally, it doesn’t happen much any more. I’m always first, and it can make me feel more like a burden than a friend at times. I think we were really close back then. We’d known each other for over a year, but most of of that time, we’d simply been partners in Science. It’s crazy to look back and realise just how much one week in France changed our lives. Looking back, it’s as though we became best friends overnight.

Of course, there’s always been ups and downs, and it’s funny how when she didn’t really know me, she struggled to work me out sometimes. She’d say the wrong thing, and now, I just can’t imagine those words coming out of her mouth! I also don’t think that I was as weak as we always make me out to be. I was a strong little nugget, and it looks like many times, I was the guiding one, with the ideas. Of course, I still had the same little quirks that I have now, like not being able to make decisions. But I did talk, and I did give my opinion.

I feel like perhaps we became so close over the French Exchange issue because we could relate so well. She was the one who said she we stressed and worried, not me (although I was, trust me)! We’ve not been in a situation like that since. There’s never been something else where we share the issue, it’s always ‘my’ problems or ‘her’ problems, and the other one is always helping. I feel like being on the same page was what brought us so close, and I’ve enjoyed learning about that journey. It has left me beaming from ear to ear, and even more excited for Christmas!

Looking back can be fun, you just have to remember the smiley bits, even if they are few and far between!


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