Where’s the love and friendship?

No matter how hard I try, I can’t find another person who blogs about their friend’s eating disorder, or mental health. I can scroll through page after page of google, or search a hundred different potential tags on wordpress, yet I find nobody. There’s hundreds of people who blog about their own issues, but nobody seems to write about their friends. Perhaps they don’t need to, perhaps normal people cope just fine. Perhaps they don’t feel like they should get too involved, perhaps they fear that someone will see it, perhaps they have another way to deal with their emotions. Or maybe they just hide, deep in the blogosphere. I wish I could find someone though. I think it would make things easier for me, to read about someone else who struggles just as I do.

If you’re out there, and you’re hiding, please come and find me. Come and see hi. Sometimes, this can feel like a very very lonely world. We may not be the ones ‘suffering’, but often, it can hurt just as much.


One thought on “Where’s the love and friendship?

  1. Hey.
    There is love and friendship and I know of, and help and support, my friends who have depression and who self-harm but I never blog about them because if they’re not ready to tell the world about it, then what gives me the right to write about it instead?
    It’s not my secret to tell.

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