How I’m Feeling

Drunk. But a good level of kind of tipsy drunk that I’ve never been past before.
Worried. About my best friend.
Sleepy. With the knowledge of a 9am lecture.
Wanting. To talk and to express myself while I’ve let go, am a little tipsy, and am not afraid to do so.
Upset. Because I know there’s nobody to talk to.

I think I should sleep because there’s nothing coherent I can say tonight. Christmas only gets closer, and it’ll be okay again soon. We’ll be honest again when we’re face to face, and I hope it’ll make things better. One of my biggest fears is loosing her to her food, and I’m afraid. I want to talk, but I can’t. My brain is so jumbled where blogging doesn’t fix it anymore. Writing doesn’t solve all the problems. I need to talk. ASAP. Right now, if I thought that I could. But I can’t. So I’ll soldier on and reinstate the brave face.


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