8am Reflection and Advice

I’m feeling well and truly awful (from the alcohol) this morning, I’m pretty sure my best friend did an all nighter last night, the day before her first uni exam (and so I’m worrying my socks off), and more than anything in the world I want a hug. From anyone. (As per)

But you know, I’m feeling surprisingly happy and confident today. It’s amazing. For no reason at all, it’s as though a big black cloud has been lifted off my shoulders, and that I’m ready to face the day and make it fantastic.

I mean, I don’t fancy getting out of bed, but that’s only because of the effects of the alcohol. I enjoyed myself last night, it was rather a laugh, and I overcame a few hurdles. To anyone else they are actions that they’d think nothing of, but for me, walking up to the bar and ordering a bottle of wine with nobody to back me up was huge, and I’m happy!

I’m feeling rather fuzzy and it’s a beautiful feeling. Friday isn’t far away now, and soon it’ll be Christmas time for us all. So take away that frown, and stick a smile on your face.

If you have exams before Christmas, I say good luck to you. They’ll be okay, and at least you have Christmas off to enjoy yourself! Work hard, breathe, and smile. It’s nearly all over, and you can go home very soon.

Merry Christmas 🙂


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