We stick like glue.

When I first started to draft this post, I was counting down the hours and calculating percentages in time of how long I still had to wait. It was less than two days until I saw my best friend again. I didn’t even know how to contain myself, and if the tension wasn’t at an all time high at home, I’d probably have been walking around with a perma-smile on my face! I was excited, but a little nervous too.

There wasn’t any need to be nervous, because as soon as I saw her and wrapped her up for a hug, I relaxed. Instantly. And within moments of settling into Nero’s, it began to feel like we’d never left. No, it wasn’t perfect. Nothing about our friendship ever has or ever will be perfect, but that’s not the point. It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t the fairy-tale reunion. There was smiles. There was laughter. There was chai, and at one point, there was giggling-until-you-cry. It was special, and it’s the best day that I’ve had in a long time.

You see, it’s strange when after so much anticipation, it feels like you’ve never been away. But isn’t that what’s important? To just slip back into it like nothing has ever changed is very very special. Our friendship is unique, and that’s because she’s a very amazing girl. I don’t think it’ll be the same when I see my other friends later in the week, but with her, it’s like nothing has changed. Even our visit to school felt ‘normal’ once we’d both gotten over the silly ‘what the heck are we doing?’ flip!

We may have grown up a lot over the last few years, and look an act very differently, but everyone who knows us knows that we’re close, and our friendship is special. Just via skype she can ‘happy haze’ me so I’m smiling down to my but. I mean, seriously!? But it’s built on foundations of trust. That’s all. This friendship started with a secret that didn’t belong to either of us, and from there, it’s only grown. Not many people can say that, can they? I wanted to entitle this post ‘We stick like glue’, and whilst I think that I still will do so, I’m coming to realise that actually, our relationship isn’t like glue. It’s not glue, because glue (or good glue at least!) doesn’t come unstuck. But we do. We move away, we head to University, we study, and we take exams. We fight and squabble just like sisters, and sometimes, we even make each other cry. We care though, and in the end, we’ll always come back to one another, and be there for a hug, or to lean on. I love her like a sister and nobody will change that. Perhaps it would be appropriate then to describe us as magnets. Whilst the opposite poles and views may repel sometimes, it’s much more preferable to be stuck together. It’s easier that way, and much stronger, too.

I’m not good with words, and whilst she says she liked my pictures and pins them to her wall at university, I get the impression that it’s more in the same way that a mother coos over the pictures her toddler draws, and sticks them to the fridge because she feels like she has a loving duty to do so. I’ve tried so many times to explain how much I love this girl, and how much she means to me, but the words simply escape me. I don’t think she understands, and it’s a bit sad that she will not allow herself to believe it. She is too many things, both materialistic and emotional. She’s my support, propping me up and making me smile. She’s a trainee doctor, a musician, and my comfort blanket. She’s a girl with an eating disorder, and other mental health issues. She’s a girl that thinks she’s fat. She’s a clean freak. She’s amazing at hockey. She gives the tightest and safest hugs. She’s organised. She’s a smiler. She can pull the best faces. She gives amazing advice and knows how to react. She knows how to speak publicly, and one on one. She’s beautiful. She’s pretty. She has an ‘interesting’ dress sense sometimes. She reads me like a book yet can’t figure me out. And I can read her like a book yet can’t figure her out. She’s very very special to me, and it’s simple. I wouldn’t cope without her.

It was a fabulous reunion, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. She’s taught me that everything will be okay, and she makes me strong. Seeing her again was just a reminder that truly, she never left, and never will leave. Neither will I. I trust her with my life, and she trusts me with hers. We can do anything. Always and forever.


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