Happiness High

I’m on a complete, utter, and wholeheartedly uncontrollable happiness high. And I love it.

I know, it’s crazy, isn’t it? It’s exam week, for goodness sake! How on earth can I be happy, buzzing, or excited!? Because despite the stressful revision and panic attack-inducing exams, I’ve taken time to have fun, too. Oh, and there’s been some absolutely FANTASTIC surprises along the way!

So, I take you back to Tuesday. For the first time in nine days, I left campus to go for pizza with some course friends.

Thursday, after my exam, my best friend skyped me. She was pretty cryptic for the whole two hours, checking flights and not really saying much. While I wanted to chat and chat, and was a little disgruntled, I had my suspicions as to what she might be doing, and so I didn’t moan too much. I was right. Just after she left, she sent me an email with her flight details. We’re spending a night in London for my birthday, as a surprise. I’m so excited! I slept the best I have in weeks, and I was still buzzing the next morning, bouncing around my room like a bunny.

Yesterday, I got a parcel. Weird, because I knew I hadn’t ordered anything. It was my best friend again, this time, she sent me 300g of milka. Beautiful. She’s really fabulous, that girl. Honestly. Out of nowhere, my mum offered to pay for Les Mis tickets, so we’re going to see that in London. I booked them at 11.30pm. I’m beyond excited, and another absolutely AMAZING SURPRISE!

I also sat for two hours with my floor mates and had tea and hot chocolate and a catch up, which was beautiful again. Good chance to break free of these same four walls for once!

I found out today that my home bedroom has been decorated, and I can’t wait to see it!

Now it’s Saturday, my last exam finishes on Tuesday, and that same best friend is then coming to stay with me at uni for FOUR DAYS. Yes, I’m excited. I’m very very very very VERY EXCITED! And she’s going to get a massive hug, because she’s made my mood go from all time panic and disgusting low and sadness, to on too of the world and crying with happiness. For that, I’m very very grateful.

I’m still having blips and turns, I still slip and slide, but I’m trying to be positive. I’m exhausted, but if in the next few days I can get my head down, work hard, not send too many texts and don’t allow myself to be distracted, at 2pm on Tuesday it will all be over, and fingers crossed I’ll be laughing in my best friend’s arms, not crying.


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