Toilet Etiquette.

It appears that the girls in my flat cannot adhere to the silently accepted rules of toilet etiquette. To me, it’s common sense not to leave the place looking like a sewage spill, but clearly it’s not so obvious to the world. So in my mixture of humour, disgust, and frustration, I’d like to share five silent rules of using the loo.

1) Drying your hands with loo roll and then putting it into the sanitary bin is not okay. It only gets emptied once every six weeks, and there’s too many girls living here for you to be filling it up at three times the speed. Not only that, it also means that when I come to wee and there’s no loo roll left, I’m in a bit of a naff position.

2) If you’re on your period, flush the toilet. If someone has just used it and it won’t flush, stay there until it does. No explanation needed, surely?

3) If you walk in and suspect that someone in the cubicle is doing a number two, have the courtesy to leave, go for a walk, and come back in five minutes. Waiting directly outside the door is just awkward for everyone.

4) On the subject of number twos, please clean away your skid marks. The toilet brush exists for a reason.

5) And the last one is entirely the boys fault. Just SHUT THE DOOR. Yes, your wee may only take a second, but when I’m quite innocently walking to the shower, the last thing that I want to see is a flash of your backside. Thank. You. Very. Much. Just no. Please?

Using the toilet is never an enjoyable experience, but when we labeled our cubicles girls and boys, we hoped to make it bearable for everyone. Right now, that’s not happening, and I’m becoming far too grossed out.


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