Just Like Her

Yesterday, I went to a meeting. I had to have a handover for a role I’m taking on next year. I got there to find two people there, the girl who I’m taking over from and her best friend, who’s also on the same team.

Bless them, they’re such cute friends. I rolled up as they’re planning their joint wedding – nope, neither of them are engaged.

Not long after getting there, the one I went to see, we’ll call her X, said that I reminded her of her best friend, Y. That was the best compliment X ever could have given me. Y is amazing. If I’m going to be like anyone, I want to be just like her. She’s organised, very very clever, an amazing leader, fantastic with kids, knows how to have the best joke, and is one of the most genuinely caring people that I’ve ever met. Yeah, okay, I can’t quite see myself planning a wedding any time soon, but she’s awesome. If I could be even half of her or half as kind, I’d be over the moon.

They’re graduating this year, and I’ll be gutted to see them go. They’re awesome. Both of them. They’ve really made me feel welcome in the past year, and they’re always there to give me a hand or a face to grumble at. Since we had the meeting, a three way Facebook message has evolved, and the flow of conversation has had me I fits of giggles for over 24 hours now.

Yesterday, they put me on a happiness high that usually only my best friend can achieve. To say that I remind her of her best friend is beautiful. When I’m going out into the big wide world in a few years time, I’d love to be just like her.

I’ll miss them when they’re gone.

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