Forgotten How to Cry

I’ve forgotten how to cry. I want and need to cry so much that it is physically hurting that I can’t. But it doesn’t help, and the tears still won’t fall.

I’ve had a stressful, busy and tiring week, and I have a stressful weekend of essay writing ahead. I hurt. I ache. I have had fun this week but when I’m overtired, reality has a tendency to come crashing down and smack me in the face, and I need a little support to ride through that.

But I’m at a loss of who to turn to. Nobody has asked ‘hey, are you okay?’ and so the stinging in my eyes gets stronger, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

I just need somebody to hug me tight, tell me it’ll be okay, and let me cry.

If I wanted to be really needy, I would want that to be a very specific person. But I can’t have that person, she’s too far away and much too busy. I’d take anyone right now, I just want to let go.

Please talk to me, hug me. I’m afraid what might happen if you don’t.


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