An unexpected friendship

I made a friend. I made my first proper friend since I was 16. I can’t believe it. I was getting to the point where I wasn’t even sure if it was possible for me to make a real, actual friend. But I think I have!

Of course, I’ve got many ‘friends’. People who I like to hang around with, people to talk to, people to do things with. But there’s really not very many people in this world who I trust, and when I find someone who I can trust, I consider it to be very special.

I’ve made a friend this year who makes me laugh, makes me want to get out of bed to eat breakfast with her in the morning, and who I trust. She doesn’t freak out when I have a minor essay stress, and we drive to Tesco to buy pudding at 10pm on a weeknight. It’s great fun!

She’s starting to trust me too, as I’m starting to trust her, and that’s a little scary. To me, trust is the main constitution of a true friendship. But I’m not going to complain about a new friend! I’m super happy! I can’t wait for her to come back to our house tomorrow!

Here’s to 5 more months of laughter before we no longer live together. I’m excited, and a blossoming new friendship makes me feel like I’ve achieved something, and makes me destinctly more positive about life when things feel like they should make me want to hide in the dark. It’s always good to know you’ve got more than one person to lean on, and it’s good to know that at least one of them isn’t thousands of miles away!


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